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To all of our current tenants: Your loyalty, trust and suggestions continue to contribute to the success of theMarquise Real Estate Group.
It is all of you who have helped us to continue to grow and stand out in such a difficult market, and we appreciate your support.
We hope that you have all had a wonderful experience living in a Marquise managed property. You will forever remain a cherished member of the Marquise family.

Marquise Features

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  • Cash Referral - we'll give you cash for referring new clients. Contact us for requirements.
  • Properties - all of our properties are online.
  • Contact us - please use our contact us feature to ask about our services, request maintenance repairs, ask us about our properties, or for general information.

Property Tips

  • You should get a permanent address from your Residents in case they don't give you a forwarding address.
  • Check on your occupied units during cold weather months to insure your traveling residents have left the heat on.
  • Never give out your only copy of an entry key.
  • Get references before choosing a Property Manager.
  • Don't unplug or turn off your refrigerator without properly cleaning it first.

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Referral Program We give out generous referrals to anyone who finds us new clients that are in need of a Property Manager. Please contact us to receive our referral requirements.

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